Honey Roasted Hairloom Carrots,Quinoa, Meredith Goat Cheese, Puffed Rice

Ingredients: 50g Black wild rice, 60g Carrot puree (Peeled carrots, covered in water, boil until tender, strain water then blend carrots in a food processor), 60g Cooked Quinoa (Add quinoa to a pot, add three times the amount water to quinoa, bring to the boil, reduce heat and simmer gently until water is gone ), 20g Western star salted butter, 20g Honey, 10g Hazelnuts-chopped, 10g Spinach-chopped,10g Rocket-chopped, 5 ea  Heirloom carrots-cooked at 160c for 5 minutes with olive oil & salt, 20g Meredith goat’s cheese.


Prep Time: 20  minutes
Cook Time: 15  minutes
Serves: Makes 1 portion
Dietary Notes: Vegetarian (vegan if the goat’s cheese is removed

1.Heat 100ml of vegetable until around 200c, add black rice and fry until puffed. Strain.
2. Warm carrot puree, add quinoa and hazelnuts.
3. Add heirloom carrots to a fry pan, add honey and carrots, cook until golden brown.
4. Combine spinach and rocket to quinoa, stir until wilted. Season to taste .
5. To serve, place quinoa in the serving bowl, top with carrots and goat’s cheese.


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