Barramundi Fish Dad And Daughter Style

Ingredient: 1 no. Barramundi Fish, 1 no. Zucchini, 2 no’s Asparagus, 1no Onion , few Saffron, threads Butter, 50grms Brown Sugar, 50grms Balsamic Vinegar, 20ml Star Anis,1no Dill, 30ml Lemon Juice,

1no Egg white, To taste Seasoning.



  1. Fllet the fish , keep one fillet  aside for grilling.
  2. Skin the second fillet . place the skin  between the greaseproof paper, sprinkled with salt and bake in oven 180c until crisp.
  3. Blend the second fillet ,Fold in cream, dill, egg white and seasoning.
  4. Blanche asparagus and shaved zucchini .
  5. Make onion jam by caramelising slice onion with brown sugar, balsamic vinegar,star Anis and seasoning.
  6. Roll fish mousse, onion jam and blanched asparagus into shaved zucchini.
  7. Wrap into clingfilm than foiled and poach until cook.
  8. Make saffron butter sauce by reducing lemon juice with saffron whip in soft butter and season.
  9. Grill fish fillet and season.
  10. Serve  grilled fish fillet ,place fish roulade on top surrounded by saffron butter sauce, garnished with crispy fish skin.


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